Claudia Stewart is a 19-year-old beginning a year of full time study at AUT. After struggling with anorexia nervosa for six years, being taken out of school, university and work, Claudia made a life changing decision to recover. She can honestly say it is the best decision she’s ever made. Although she is learning to love and experience the beauty in life again, Claudia wants to share the hardships she went through in hope to reduce the stigma of anorexia and other eating disorders. She wants to bring awareness to how dangerous and life threatening the illness is and the lack of resources available to treat suffers.

2 thoughts on “Claudia

  1. This short summary ( very few lines to summarise so many days, weeks and years of fight , sadness, depression that almost no one understand ) is so alike with what I went through too-very courageous to share your story to help people currently fighting that battle so hard but so worthy to fight


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